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Difensa il Viso

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Difensa il Viso is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that works wonderfully under makeup for daily use. This sunscreen is formulated with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide sun protection. The formula is enhanced by the addition of melanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant pigment in the skin. The silky, matte-finish ensures that makeup will glide on smoothly, without a caked-on appearance or feel.

Helpful tip: Apply this as a last step in your AM skin routine so that it can be the final layer of protection between the sun’s harmful rays. Consider Difensa il Aqua if your skin is dry.

It is strongly recommended that you first purchase this item in the clinic after a skin consultation by one of our staff. Please contact us at 312-646-4141 if this is your first time purchasing this item.

  • Suggested Use: Use every AM
  • Bottle should last approximately 60 days


$61.75 every 2 months


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