Creme il Massimale, 150g – One Time Purchase


Creme il Massimale is a rich creme, not a foam or lather. It stays down at the hair roots to give a clean, smooth shave that feels better and lasts longer than those given by traditional shaving creams. This shaving creme is designed for patients with sensitive skin as it offers a non-irritating answer. The skin is noticeably smoother for most patients after this making rougher legs and faces much smoother and improved.

Helpful tip: This is a great product for dry skin and irritated skin.

It is strongly recommended that you first purchase this item in the clinic after a skin consultation by one of our staff. Please contact us at 312-646-4141 if this is your first time purchasing this item.

  • Suggested Use: Daily use of product is recommended until smoother skin is realized. For many patients, using this product once a week will still promote smoother legs and faces.
  • Bottle should last approximately 90 days

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